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s, 3, 11, gu, 0, 2, uis, hzc, nx0, osd, j, s3, i, 9tt, Reshaping Work WhiteSands Treatment Center Information.com

Rethinking the future of work

Reshaping Work is an innovative international and multi-stakeholder events series discussing the latest trends concerning digital innovations and the future of work by promoting research and collective thinking


A series of independently organised
virtual/hybrid events meant to inspire
timely discussions on the future of work


Policy Challenges in the Platform Economy

Professor Evert Verhulp (Professor of Labour Law at the University of Amsterdam)

Regulatory challenges from platform workers' perspective

Debra Weddal (CEO Consultant/Producer at United Productions)

Marc Burger on AI and the future of work

Marc Burger (Country Head at Capgemini Invent, the Netherlands)

Working Towards Society 5.0: AI and the Future of the Human Mind

Peter-Paul Verbeek (Professor, University of Twente)


WageIndicator and Reshaping Work organised together the “Gig Economy Around the World” conference. What a fun, creative and thought-provoking event! We hope we can team up many more times! A good and smart team for such big global conferences!

Paulien Osse, Director, WageIndicator Foundation

We were very impressed by the team’s effective and quick communications. Onward was a great event that went smoothly and created a meaningful discussion among our participants. We would be happy to collaborate again in the future! Thank you, Reshaping Work!

Maria Figueroa, Director, Labor and Policy Research at Cornell University

We cannot understand the gig economy until we grapple with its competing narratives: Reshaping Work provided a unique opportunity to hear from and discuss with representatives of gig economy workers, academics, and platform operators. A great event!

Jeremias Prassl, Associate Professor Faculty of Law, University of Oxford


Marleen Huysman

Professor, Head of KIN Center for Digital Innovation, VU Amsterdam
Keynote speaker

Matthew Taylor

Chief executive, RSA
Keynote speaker

Rina Joosten

Co-founder, Seedlink Tech

Jochem de Groot

Director of Corporate Affairs,
Microsoft Netherlands

Shellie Karabell

Panel chair

Roberto Viola

Director General,
DG Connect
(EU Commission)
Keynote speaker

Irene Mandl

Head of Employment Unit, Eurofound
Roundtable leader

Dean Bosche

Head of Partnerships, Toptal

Juliet Schor

Professor, Boston College
Keynote speaker

Yorick Bleijenberg

Platform worker
Roundtable leader

Laura Esnaola

Managing director, Care.com Europe
Keynote speaker

Mei Li Vos

Director of the AVV Trade Union
Keynote speaker

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