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Reshaping Office: Your Compass to the Future

We offer inspiring corporate events with leading future of work experts, helping companies stay ahead of the curve. Choose from Expert Lectures, Interactive Workshops or immersive Virtual Events. Bring the future to your office!

Reshaping Office: Your Compass to the Future<

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RW Dialogue 2025 Artificial Intelligence

Be part of the network that comes together to drive meaningful change!
In 2025, We will discuss all there is to know about AI. Fill out the form and express your interest by the end of December and co-create the 2025 program with us!

RW Dialogue 2024 - Artificial Intelligence

Policy Guide: Attract & Retain Workers in the Age of AI

This guide provides a framework for organisations to navigate AI adoption for attracting and retaining talent, focusing both on effectiveness and ethics. It also provides a policy perspective, supporting the ongoing discussions within the European Year of Skills.

Policy Guide: Attract & Retain Workers in the Age of AI

Securing the Future
Social Safety Net for All

The current assessment of social protection does not reflect the current labor market. With the growth of self-employment & various flexible work arrangements, workers experience fluctuating income and limited access to social security.
This guide gives practical policy recommendations on how to establish a robust social safety net that transcends traditional working classification; and how to finance it.

Securing the Future - Social Safety Net for All

Reshaping Work
2024 Conference

With a high-level expert lineup of speakers from Europe's most influential institutions gathered in Amsterdam, the Reshaping Work 2024 conference sparked discussions around Al at Work and the platform economy and presented the latest trends that guide the global future of work developments.

Reshaping Work 2024 Conference

What we do


Reshaping the Law of Work

Sharon Block, Professor at Harvard Law School

Technology at Work

Vicky Bunyard, CTO of IBM Northern Europe

Panel Session: "Platforms, Careers & Entrepreneurship"

Panel Session: "Platforms and Regulatory Landscapes"


When came across the event I could connect to it immediately. I knew, as a gig worker and an artist, that I wanted to be a part of the discussion, but nothing could have prepared me for how damn good the experience was.

Alina LupuConceptual Artist and Platform Worker

We cannot understand the gig economy until we grapple with its competing narratives: Reshaping Work provided a unique opportunity to hear from and discuss with representatives of gig economy workers, academics, and platform operators. A great event!

Jeremias PrasslAssociate Professor Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

The biggest added value of Reshaping Work’s projects and events is the ability to have genuine and open interactions with people from all sides of the debate. It is a place to hear new ideas, and it is great to see people making an effort to reach across the aisle and truly understand each other. This makes these conversations reach a very high level.

Menno BartSenior Public Affairs Manager at the Adecco Group

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