Who we are

Reshaping Work is a foundation headquartered in Amsterdam. It took off in 2016 to bring together companies, startups, trade unions, researchers, policy makers, and other relevant stakeholders to jointly discuss the future of work and find ways to shape it. Achieving socially-responsible practices on the economic, social, and environmental level is at the heart of what we do.

We envision

a future of work in which digital innovations promote good quality, decent, and equitable work and where industry leaders work hand-in-hand with other actors to make this future a reality.

We strive

to create a one-stop-shop where those interested in shaping the future of work can gain knowledge, forge new collaborations, and develop concrete, impactful solutions.

What we do

We do what we preach, which is work for impact!

We educate and inspire.

We organise inspiring events, record videos, and publish blogs on the future of work to engage opinion leaders and practitioners across the sectors.

We convene and train.

We rely on our extensive network of experts to provide courses, workshops, and other capacity building activities for companies, unions, and national authorities.

We solve.

We collect insights and conduct independent research to provide recommendations for policy and businesses in the form of practical guides and toolboxes.

Amplifying voices of all stakeholders in the future of work debate is at the core of everything we do

How we do it

We are inclusive

We welcome big and small, starters and established organisations, ranging from leading corporates and startups, to unions, grassroot worker organisations, research institutions and advocacy groups. To create a safe space for everyone to express their stance and needs, we need all of our partners to respect one another. We do not fear disagreement; we welcome different views and opinions. We do our best to translate disagreement into impactful actions that uphold common objectives.

We are independent

While we value everyone’s position, we stand behind our own – work for impact. We engage in partnerships with different actors with a stake in the debate on the future of work to capture the variety of positions, objectively report on the state of affairs, and propose recommendations based on our own insights and expertise.

We are proactive

We believe in long-term solutions vs short term problem fixers. However, we also believe that certain challenges need to be addressed with urgency; we build workable solutions that can improve people’s lives now, while closely following the appropriate policy cycles and working with policy-makers to come to long-term solutions.

We are community-oriented

There is only so much you can achieve on your own. Our global network consisting of future-of-work enthusiasts, renowned experts, academics, and business leaders has a lot to offer. We create with them and for them – everyone with valuable insights or a story to share can find a place in our organisation.

Our Team

Jovana Karanović

Managing Director
Assistant Professor, Rotterdam School of Management

Jelena Šapić

Project Manager
Reshaping Work Dialogue

Kristin Nagy Nordmark

Project Assistant
Reshaping Work
Hans Berends

Hans Berends

President of the Board,
Professor of Innovation and Organization,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/VU

Nikka Gerona

Graphic Designer

Paulien Osse

Secretary of the Board
Co - founder WageIndicator Foundation, Global Lead Living Wages

Dragana Radišić

Treasurer of the Board
Global Head of Internal Control and Policy at Lipton Teas & infusions

Melis Kolyozyan

Event Manager
Reshaping Work Conference

Gustav Ehlert

Marketing & Communications Intern
Reshaping Work Conference

Lukáš Holub

Social Media Intern

Ana Damjanović

Communications Intern

Meret Zimmermann

Social Media Intern

Advisory Board

Marleen Huysman

Marleen Huysman

KIN Center for Digital Innovation

Paulien Osse

Secretary of the Board
Co - founder WageIndicator Foundation, Global Lead Living Wages

Dragana Radišić

Treasurer of the Board
Global Head of Internal Control and Policy at Lipton Teas & infusions

Asheem Singh

Director of Economy, RSA

Marleen Stikker

Founder, Waag Society

Frank van Harmelen

Professor, Vrije Universiteit

Wiggert de Haan

CIO & Founder, Roamler
Roundtable leader

Kristine Dery

Research Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management

Femke Blokhuis

Program Manager at Economic Affairs,
City of Amsterdam

Martijn Arets

Platform economy expert

Our partners

Our funding

Reshaping Work is a non-profit organisation that has its funds originated from the following sources:

Our impact

+ 60 Partner Organisations

Which include private companies, trade unions and research institutions

+30,000 Attendees

Amongst conferences and events