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Are we headed to a smarter workplace, or a dumber future?

From automating simple tasks to predicting efficiencies, AI has much to offer business. Yet we have also been warned: AI will reinforce biases, hide important decisions, and deplete employment. Are we headed to a smarter workplace, or a dumber future? We will go beyond siloed debate: computer scientists, ethicists, academics, policy makers, and business leaders will come together to share ambitions, experiences, concerns, and visions for the future of AI@Work. By taking part, participants will develop their own take on how AI is shaping the workplace, and what needs to happen next.

Speakers 2020

Marleen Huysman

Professor, Head of KIN Center for Digital Information, VU Amsterdam
Keynote speaker

Marleen Stikker

Founder, Waag Society

Marc Burger


Robert Seamans

Associate Professor, NYU

David Allessie

Senior consultant, Gartner
Roundtable leader

Peter Paul Verbeek

Professor of Philosophy of Techology & The Designlab,
The University of Twente
Keynote Speaker

Jochem de Groot

Director of Corporate Affairs,
Microsoft Netherlands

Sjarrel de Charon

Content Moderator
Roundtable Leader

Aida Ponce Del Castillo

Senior researcher, Foresight Unit of European Trade Union Institute, Brussels
Panel chair

Ella Hafermalz

Assistant Professor, KIN Center
Panel chair

Ilse Verdiesen

Royal Netherlands Armed Forces
Roundtable leader

Dick Willems

Data Scientist, Politie Amsterdam
Roundtable leader

Rina Joosten

Co-founder, Seedlink Tech

Jeroen Maas

Challenge Lead Health
Amsterdam Economic Board
Roundtable Leader

AI@WORK 2020

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Marleen Huysman

Vu Amsterdam/Kin center
Head of the scientific committee

Robert Seamans

Associate Professor, NYU
Division: Labour Law & Economics

Virginia Dignum

Umeå University
Division: Computer Science

Roel Dobbe

AINow Institute
Division: Computer Science

Mikkel Flyverbom

Copenhagen Business School
Division: Business

Pauline Kim

Washington University
School of Law
Division: Labour Law & Economics

Stella Pachidi

University of Cambridge
Division: Business

Lamber Royakkers

Eindhoven University of Technology
Division: Humanities

Jeroen Van Den Hoven

Tu Delft
Division: Humanities

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