Marlous Agterberg

Vu Amsterdam/Kin Center
Industry relations


My role at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, School of Business and Economics, is to create more impact by bringing our top-notch research on digital innovation closer to relevant stakeholders. It is my firm belief that we can make a better digital world if we align these worlds in better and smarter ways. After completing my PhD in 2012 and working as an Assistant Professor I decided to challenge my perspective from developing new academic insights to thinking about how we can add more societal value with our academic insights.  To do so, I develop, coordinate and support research activities, and align them with external stakeholders.  I am on the lookout to establish mutually beneficial types of collaboration; e.g. starting research collaborations with other academics and organizations, setting up consortia around shared interests or helping develop professional learning programs. I identify external project opportunities and initiate and support the writing of grant applications. I develop and manage large-scale multi-stake holder research projects. To make our work more readily accessible I identify opportunities for showcasing our research and communicate actively about our research in diverse ways.  Based on these activities, I also contribute to developing the vision and strategy of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation with respect to research and valorization.