Rina Joosten

Co-founder, Seedlink Tech


Rina is co-founder of Seedlink Tech, a tech scale up developing artificial intelligence for better and faster matching of candidates to jobs. Rina is driven by the vision to leverage cutting edge technology to remove human bias from the decision making process. Prior to Seedlink, Rina founded HR Consultancy International Top Talent in both China and Europe and she held various management positions at DSM. Rina is a regular speaker and writer on A.I., innovation, human capital and China, where she lived for the past seven years. She got appointed in the Taskforce for A.I. in the Netherlands, councils the European Commission on A.I. policies and serves as a mentor for start-ups.  In Shanghai, she delivered a TedxTalk on ‘How AI changes the way we find careers’ at TedxShanghaiWomen and got featured on her work at the BBC and Tegenlicht (‘Holland Gets Talent’). Rina holds an Msc and MA degree from Groningen University. She is married and has four kids.