The dinner table will be hosted by Europe´s Managing Director Laura Esnaola. is the world’s largest online destination for finding and managing family care. Laura also founded ´Care With Care´, a cross-border recruiting and training platform that connects unemployed nurses with health care employers in Germany. Over the past year, Laura launched a training program called “Care Forward” that helps refugee women enter the labour market and designed an awareness campaign to break down families´ biases towards hiring refugees. In her free time, she plays concerts with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. Laura is co-hosting with Dirk Kasten, Senior Director Corporate Communications at Europe in Berlin. As a father of four, Dirk is interested in discussing the role of modern dads as well as the division of paid & unpaid work between partners. Both look forward to discussing how digitalization and platform economy will change the future of work and how care can be the catalyst for global economic growth.