We strive for decent and fair working conditions in the platform economy

While the European Parliament and Council are discussing the European Commission’s proposal on the platform work directive, we offer a deliberative forum to explore the meaning of the proposed criteria for a rebuttable presumption of employment as well as future provision of social protection for platform workers as well as others engaged in diverse forms of employment (e.g., contract workers).

We advocate for ethical AI principles at the workplace

How are AI systems changing the workplace? What type of accountability and regulations do we need? Throughout the series of activities, we explore niches for addressing power imbalances caused by the application of algorithms at the workplace.

We care about providing the next generation with good quality jobs

What are programmes that can support youth employability and remove barriers to their careers? What are strategies to overcome the gap between education and the labour market faced by youth? These are just encompassing topics related to the work involvement of the new generation, following the European Commission’s announcement of 2022 as the EU Year of Youth.

Harnessing multilateral power to ensure decent work

Future-proof and future-improved world of work is not the responsibility of just one stakeholder, being that a company, a worker representative, or a policy maker, but rather a shared obligation. The prospect of delivering positive change depends on the engagement of all the stakeholders that have a stake in the debate.

By pioneering a tailor-made multistakeholder approach, Reshaping Work is dedicated to establishing a permanent knowledge interlocutor where parties interested in the future of work can acquire knowledge, exchange views, and negotiate positions.

Reshaping Work Dialogue is a ground-breaking initiative which gathers a multitude of stakeholders in order to provide timely and relevant information on topics concerning diverse forms of work by promoting principles of diversity and inclusion.

In 2022, our joint efforts resulted in: i) publishing guides ii) sharing expert opinions iii) organising Reshaping Work conference iv) launching the Reshaping Work Dialogue 2023 Report

Looking to innovate your business model,protect workers’ interests,advocate fair and decent working conditions,research diverse forms of work,shape the future of work ?<br />The Reshaping Work Dialogue is the place for you!

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Work Stream Chairs

Impact of the EU Platform Work Directive

Dragos Adascalitei linkedin-icon


AI at the Workplace

Matthew Cole linkedin-icon

Fairwork Foundation

Youth Employment and Well-Being at Work

Thomas Blondeel linkedin-icon

Smart Coop

Expert Lecturers

Impact of the EU Platform Work Directive

Bogdan Deleanu linkedin-icon

European Parliament

Impact of the EU Platform Work Directive

Radan Kanev linkedin-icon

European Parliament

AI at the Workplace

Alex J. Wood web-icon

University of Bristol

Youth Employment and Well-Being

Niall O’Higgins


Workshop Leaders

Impact of the EU Platform Work Directive

Martin Risak linkedin-icon

University of Vienna

AI at the Workplace

Tamara Thuis

Erasmus University

Youth Employment and Well-Being

Andrea Glorioso linkedin-icon

European Commission

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