BACK TO WHAT TRULY MATTERS: Platforms, AI, and Youth in the Workplace

Key drivers of the future of work include deployment and regulation of digital technologies, such as digital labour platforms and AI, advancing youth employment, and workplace well-being. The EU regulators made significant policy steps throughout 2021 and 2022.

Resonating with the topics at the top of the EU agenda, the Reshaping Work Dialogue facilitated constructive discussions among 32 organisations, representing different viewpoints and expertise to further inspire policy-making, as well as provide concrete solutions to the pressing challenges, specifically regarding: (i) the impact of the platform work directive; (ii) AI in the workplace; (iii) youth employment and workplace well-being.

This report is the main output of the roundtable discussions organized within the Reshaping Work Dialogue 2022.

Publication Date: January 2023

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Reshaping Work (2023). Back to What Truly Matters: Platforms, AI, and Youth in the Workplace. Eds: Jovana Karanovic and Jelena Sapic.

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