What We Do?

Reshaping Work Dialogue takes an innovative approach that brings together companies, scale-ups, start-ups, research institutes, trade unions, co-ops, advocacy groups, policy makers, and researchers to discuss timely issues pertaining to the future of work. 

The goal is to both share the outcomes of these fruitful debates with the wider community and offer extensive networking opportunities and strategic insights. This aims to assist organizations in effectively navigating the complexities of integrating digital technology into the workplace. By doing so, we aspire to support members to move towards the future of work that is fair to all concerned parties and more sustainable. 

Crafted specifically for this purpose by our creative minds, Reshaping Work Dialogue addresses critical future of work topics, aiming to inspire policy discussions, promote responsible business innovation, and respect for workers’ rights. 


Our Work Aligns with Sustainable Development Goals

The Dialogue initiative was launched by the Reshaping Work Foundation in 2020. Since then, over 40 different organisations participated in the initiative, ranging from world-class companies to micro-businesses, trade unions and research organisations. Dialogue is a collaborative effort to which corporate partners contribute financially and knowledge partners contribute in-kind.

Our Achievements since 2020

+ 40 different organisations

participated in the initiative, ranging from world-class companies to micro businesses, from trade union confederations to local worker organisations, and from research institutes to community-based associations.

We produced

3 ground-breaking reports

addressing timely future of work topics, with more than 2,500 downloads.

We published

6 easy-to-comprehend guides

providing practical solutions for different stakeholders.

We organised

6 events

featuring high-level speakers such as Ana Carla Pereira (European Commission), Uma Rani (ILO), Stefano Scarpetta (OECD), Juliet Schor (Boston College), and others.

We shared

25+ policy briefings

helping organisations stay at the top of the debate on the future of work.

We hosted

20+ expert lectures and workshops

helping organisations expand their knowledge capacities.

Reshaping Work is a foundation headquartered in Amsterdam that promotes cutting-edge research, collaborative thinking, and multistakeholder approach to various issues concerning the future of work (e.g., platform economy, AI).

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