We wanted to offer you a unique dining experience. That is why on the 19th of October, after a conference day filled with interesting presentations and discussions, we invited our attendees to have an out of the ordinary dinner. Instead of a traditional restaurant, we offered you a true local experience - a meal at one of the homes of an Amsterdamer.

AirDnD, a platform offering dining experience at locals' homes, made a selection of the top rated Amsterdam hobby chefs. The meal was a surprise so attendees had to be ready to dive into unexplored waters!

Dinner started at 19.30 on Thursday, 19th of October. For the price of 30 EUR, you received a 3-course meal and beverages. The exact location was revealed  upon registration. Each home hosted 4-8 conference participants, so this was a good chance for those who were eager to network with the fellow sharing economy enthusiasts! 



More about AirDnD: http://www.airdnd.nl/