After a conference day filled with interesting discussions, we invite you to a more relaxed ambient to enjoy a delicious meal and engage in informal discussions around the platform economy with the fellow conference attendees.

Connect with Experts

During the networking dinner, each table will be hosted by a representative of a company/organization. You will get a chance to decide with whom you wish to enjoy a delicious meal, while engaging in fruitful discussions.

Table hosts:
RSA & Forward Institute - Hosted by Matthew Taylor & Ruth Turner
UberEats - Hosted by Emilie Boman & Laurin Sepoetro
KIN (VU Amsterdam) - Hosted by Hans Berends & Marleen Huysman
Deloitte - Hosted by Bart Moen & Niels Nuyens
KPMG - Hosted by Roel Menken & Jochem Pasman
City of Amsterdam – Hosted by Ger Baron & Femke Blokhuis - Hosted by Laura Esnaola and Dirk Kasten

Sustainable Dining

To make this dining experience exceptional, we chose Instock – a foundation that works with supermarkets with the objective to reduce food waste. Reshaping Work wants to support Instock’s initiative and promote environmental consciousness and sustainable dining. We invite you to contribute to this cause.

Dinner will start at 19:30 on Thursday, October 25. For the price of 49,95 EUR, you get to enjoy a four-course meal with beverages, complemented with music by an award-winning singer-songwriter Shishani.

Dress code: Semi-formal


Location: Instock Amsterdam

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam. 

Distance from the venue:
Biking: 10mins
Walking: 30mins
Public transport: 20mins