+ What are the objectives and values of Reshaping Work

  1. The goal of Reshaping Work is to bring different parties together to jointly rethink the future of work challenged by new digital technologies/innovations
  2. Reshaping Work is an interdisciplinary and a multi-stakeholder event
  3. Reshaping Work gives everyone a voice - to academics, business leaders, policy makers, labor organizers, as well as workers

Reshaping Work’s objectives and values must remain intact and be brought forward during your Regional Event See our 2018 Program

+ How much time does it take to organize a Reshaping Work event?

Organizing a Reshaping Work event is approximately an 8 month endeavor that requires a substantial amount of time, commitment and therefore a dedicated team.

+ Who do I need in my team?

First of all, the Licensee, who is the director of the conference, should live in the city where the event is taking place. Besides the conference director, we recommend the team to consist of at least 2 academics/researchers/experts, who can create the program and select the speakers, and 2 people that would be responsible for logistics and the event organization.

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