New Projects

in Our Pipeline

We continuously align our partnerships, resources and ideas with key stakeholders’ aspirations in the future of work, with opportunities to advance our mission and work for positive impacts in that future. On this page, we will share our concepts for new project developments and invite you to support us by expressing your interest to our exploration manager, Stevan Vujasinovic at

Impact & Agility Accelerator (IAA)

Impact & Agility Accelerator (IAA) is a fund that will support a group of trade unions, grassroot worker movements, and civil society organisations with an opportunity to actively participate in the Reshaping Work Dialogue.

Smaller trade unions, grassroot movements and civil society organisations face several obstacles in order to fully participate in the discussion about the future of work: i) lack of resources, which can further hamper their advocacy and outreach activities that are essential for shaping policy and decision-making; This limits their ability to share their know-how and contribute to policy development; ii) lack of access to decision-making processes and exclusive forums, especially amongst small organisations without representation in Brussels. ; iii) lack of technical capacity necessary to understand ongoing debates on digitalisation of work. This can reduce their ability to engage in debates (as well as collective bargaining) and make informed decisions about the future of work.

The IAA will cultivate valuable connections with representatives of international organisations, national and EU policy makers, and industry leaders through visits to the European Parliament and advanced digital countries like Estonia.

Protecting the Future of (Platform) Work in EU Neighbourhood

This intervention is designed to accelerate capacity building for i) civil servants in EU Neighbourhood countries engaged in the institutional development and regulation of platform work; ii) trade unions and/or platform workers associations, and/or other forms of collective representation of workers; and iii) socially-responsible platform- and/or related businesses looking for sustainable workplace solutions, by:

  • Piloting of customised training for impact-proofing of platform work; 
  • Delivering of such training to a selected group of target participant; 
  • Collecting lessons learned from the pilot; 
  • Building these into a customised, web-based training/learning platform;
  • Translating / customising the newly created web-based tool to the languages of EU Neighbourhood countries; and
  • Implementing two regional conferences, one in/for the “Western Balkans 6” and another one in/for the “Eastern Partnership/Caucasus 3+3” to 
    • a) mobilise platform economy stakeholders from all sectors, 
    • b) raise awareness of challenges and mitigation strategies, and 
    • c) disseminate the newly created training tools.  


Back to the Future of Work for Women Victims of Domestic Violence

Every year around 12,000 women in the Netherlands make use of a women’s shelter. These provide temporary accommodation for victims of domestic violence. Experts encourage the Dutch authorities to ensure all women that are the victims of violence are provided with specialist women’s support services with comprehensive and holistic support.

We seek funding to design and implement up-skilling and micro-credentials training, as well as introduction to platform labour markets for vulnerable women and/or survivors of domestic violence.

Our project has three phases:

1) Provision of the following training and support to project beneficiaries:

  • Introduction to (digital) entrepreneurship
  • Digital (ICT) literacy
  • Financial literacy and access to social protections for self-employed
  • Platform-onboarding program 
  • Mentorship with access to certification (micro-credentials).

2) Design of a dedicated web-based “Back to the future of work” training and support site for women victims of domestic violence, based on lessons from phase 1.

3) Production of courses, instructional videos and other materials for implementation on a dedicated web-based platform to make the “Back to the future of work” support available to all women and/or shelters, CSOs, local government support providers and related stakeholders. 

* * *

We invite you to support us by expressing your interest in our new projects to our exploration manager, Stevan Vujasinovic at