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s1, 68, 0, 0ud, 00, q47, oe, mfn, ze1, e0, w, l, r5, Onward – Reshaping Work


Reshaping Work Onward

Reshaping Work Onward is an edition independently organized events held in a virtual or hybrid setting, providing the opportunity for people to engage in a discussion on timely topics with various experts in the fields of platform economy, artificial intelligence, and future of work more generally.




The topic should be on a timely digital trend and its impact on the future of work. Previous Reshaping Work event have discussed how platform economy impacts the future of work, what is the role of algorithms in today’s society, the impact of AI on the way we work, and similar.



The event can be 1.5h-2h or 2h-4h, as well as virtual or hybrid. The format of the event will determine the program and various possibilities that go with it. Both formats give easy access to people around the world to enjoy the talks from the convenience of their households.



Regardless of format, we recommend to have one session where everybody can participate – it can be a keynote address or a panel discussion (3-4 participants + a moderator). Following that, participants can be asked to break in smaller virtual rooms for deep dives into particular topics. We recommend using the opportunity of a virtual event to invite reputable experts on a selected topic, which will attract the audience and ensure highest quality standards.



In order to market the event to a subset of audience interested in the topic, it’s important to clearly define the stakeholders. Reshaping Work events cherish the multistakeholder aspect and strive to give voice to all concerned parties. Thus, we recommend identifying the relevant groups, which will help make the event interesting and engaging to all.


To ensure the highest quality standards, Reshaping Work will support the organizer with marketing, consulting, and an online platform where the event can take place. Note that in case of a hybrid event, the organizer is responsible for arranging the venue and other practicalities. Reshaping Work will support with the following:

  • Website page on regional.reshapingwork.net (organizer is asked to provide event description, program, and speaker lineup; shall the event be paid, it is possible to set up a ticket page)
  • Access to our extensive network of experts from academia, businesses, policy sector & other relevant stakeholder groups (e.g. international organizations)
  • Graphic design (3 design templates)
  • Newsletter (2 in total; 1 to promote the event and 1 to communicate practicalities)
  • Social Media posts from Reshaping Work’s channels
  • Guidance and quality control support via online meetings and emails
  • An online platform where the event will take place (e.g. Zoom)


Following the suggested program of Reshaping Work Onward is not mandatory, but the principal value of a multistakeholder event giving voice to all must remain intact. We recommend:

  • Confining the event to a specific region(due to time zone differences)
  • Morning events are generally better attended (e.g. 10am-12pm)
  • Give a 5-min introduction to explain the rules of engagement
  • Note that attention-span is shorter for online events
  • Allow time for Q&A
  • Find a way to engage the audience via online tools (e.g. Miro)

Do you want to organize your own onward event ?

get in touch!

Fanni Albert  info@reshapingwork.net