Héctor José Merino Martínez

Cofounder of Asociación Española de Riders Mensajeros (AsoRiders)


Héctor José Merino Martínez. Spanish born in Caracas. 1966. He has lived in Spain since 2016 and since that same year he has worked as a freelancer, collaborating with digital platforms for the distribution of prepared foods. In 2018, together with a small group of distributors who collaborate with a food delivery company, they created the Asociación Española de Riders Mensajeros (AsoRiders). A few months later a Professional Interest Agreement that provides benefits to its affiliates was negotiated and signed, As a result of the lawsuits and the politicization in which the autonomous work model with digital platforms has become in Spain, the association’s efforts have been concentrated in defending the rights of delivery men who want to keep working as freelancers for digital platforms . Hector has participated in lawsuits that Social Security brought against some platforms at the time, always in defense of the riders and their right to be able to choose the work model with which they want to continue collaborating.