Mari-Jon Keijlewer

Founder, My Flexwork
Roundtable leader


Mari-Jon Keijlewer is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in working with EU immigrants in the flex working branch. During this period of time, she was a leader of a large flex working agency, fully managed by women through the constantly changing laws and processes of the interim world. In 2018, Mari-Jon started MyFlexwork – the online employment agency for flexwork. The idea behind MyFlexwork is aligned with her life principles, under the form of a tech-driven, human- centric approach to business. Mari-Jon values fairness, equality & technological innovations, which she puts at the forefront of any business in order to insure equality and fair opportunities for all. Mari-Jon is a leader who believes in the power of diversity and in bringing people together by helping them reach their full potential.

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