Paulien Osse

Director, Wageindicator


The WageIndicator is a worldwide organisation which provides accurate wage and labour regulations related information dedicated to labour market transparency. The national WageIndicator websites (like in India or in Spain) in over 140 countries make more than 40 million visitors a year. Employees, employers, workers and academicians visit these sites and data bases. The WageIndicator movement has completed 20 years. Paulien Osse started the WageIndicator in close cooperation with Prof. Kea Tijdens. Paulien started her career as a journalist in Economics. It was soon clear that proper information on wages and labour law was practically missing. The Internet gave the opportunity to create data and so there were answers for workers/employers/parents/students. And that’s how a micro multinational was born, now based at the University of Amsterdam. She has created a “movement” that has encouraged global transparency, understanding, and well-being. The WageIndicator is currently a global player producing an international trademark. Paulien Osse and her team have been known to support the Global Labour Organization, which is a government independent organization of a global group of academicians from top institutes from more than 100 countries, meant to understand the challenges and benefits of globalization, since its very conception.