The Reshaping Work Fellowship brings together recent graduates, early-career researchers, and young professionals passionate about the impact of digital technologies on work and labour markets to inspire evidence-based changes. Focused on critical areas such as AI deployment at work, the platform economy, and skills and talent management, fellows help raise awareness about these important issues within a broader future-of-work community.

The Fellowship program is central to our mission, translating the latest research into practical action points. Our fellows bring complex findings into clear focus, facilitating easy understanding and engaging in meaningful discussions with policy makers and stakeholders. Their efforts enhance both knowledge and action, reflecting a significant role in our organisation and the wider field.

Meet Our Fellows

Franco Antonio Bastida

Franco is a Mexican writer and global policy expert based in Berlin. A journalist and creative with broad experience in development projects and public affairs consulting, his career has focused on the uses and implications of technology for policymaking and social change, with a special interest in artificial intelligence, future of work, and human-platform interactions from a political, regulatory and product level. Bastida was the former Mexico Government Affairs Manager for Delivery and New Verticals at DiDi Chuxing, China’s global leader in mobile technology services, and is a current Master of Public Policy student at the Hertie School of Governance.

Gabriël van Rosmalen

Gabriël is a PhD Candidate at Utrecht University, where he investigates necessary legal measures to improve conditions for platform workers. His research aims to empower the position of those impacted by the challenges of the rapid platformization of society. He is affiliated with the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe and is a member of the interdisciplinary network Governing the Digital Society. Additionally, Gabriël serves as a board member for several cultural organizations, including the National Maritime Museum and the International Literature Festival Utrecht.

Ilda Durri

Ilda is a lawyer with an international profile. She holds a PhD in labour law from the KU Leuven University, together with two masters from the University of Amsterdam (LL.M.) and the University of Tirana (Msc). She has held positions such as legal consultant for the International Labour Organization, postdoctoral and doctoral researcher, EU project manager, and legal assistant. She is the author of numerous publications, e.g. from Oxford Legal Handbook, Cambridge University Press and the International Labour Organization. Ilda speaks four languages, namely English, French, Italian and Albanian.

Matilda Hutchings

Matilda works as a policy assistant on disability and inclusion at the European Commission and is passionate about integrating inclusive perspectives in discussions about the Future of Work. Matilda holds an undergraduate degree in European Social and Political Studies from University College London and a master’s degree in European Political and Governance Studies from the College of Europe. She has previous professional experience in the non-profit sector working for the promotion of human rights in the EU and beyond.

Farhan Letif

Farhan is a development practitioner and doctoral researcher dedicated to working in the international development sector and recognizing the employability impact of the platform labor economy in the Global South. Farhan’s research examines the skilling and deskilling trends, the subjective quality of online work opportunities, and workers’ adaptive strategies against disruptive technologies such as generative AI. Farhan’s research is driven by a human-centric approach towards livelihood sustainability, seeking practical paths for knowledge workers in the Global South to thrive in the evolving digital economy. Farhan is passionate about slow travel, multi-day hikes, and camping, mirroring his professional journey — both are explorations of resilience and discovery.

Nikola Murdzev

Nikola is a PhD Candidate at Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law, researching the impact of digitalization and correlated technological processes in the world of work. His research interests include digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence, and data protection, and their impact on the standard employment relationship and the new forms of employment. Nikola has also been involved as a Project Manager and Data Protection Officer for an array of companies that operate in the US, UK, EU, and lately the Swiss market. He is skilled in many data protection frameworks, has implemented several dozens of policies and procedures on employee data protection, and enjoys working in an international environment with technology-oriented organizations.

Jan Laurijssen

Jan is a seasoned HR consultant and senior researcher at SDWorx and the University of Antwerp. He consults our clients on “future of work”, occasionally teaches and is a well-known speaker on the topic. He co-ordinates the research on “Next Generation Work” conducted by Prof Dr. Ans De Vos in the partnership with Antwerp management School. He’s particularly interested in the costs and benefits of contingent work and is looking for answers to the question: “why do companies compose their workforce as they do?” Jan is a fellow of Reshaping Work and a researcher with SEISMEC.

Lesly Nzeusseu

Lesly (she/her) is a current doctoral student in Industrial & Organizational Psychology at the University of Montreal (QC, Canada). Her research interests revolve around the future of work, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), occupational health and safety, and the digital transformation of workplaces, including AI, technology, and hybrid work models. She believes that investing in people and their skills is investing in a better future. With this vision, Lesly aims to reshape the future of work by prioritizing wellbeing, inclusivity, and resilience in a tech-driven world. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, attending events, and listening to podcasts while exploring the beautiful city of Montréal.

Elia Tusell Hernández

Elia is a lawyer interested in the future of work. She graduated in Politics and Law and was admitted to the Spanish bar in 2023. Her area of specialization is employment law. She completed a traineeship at the European Commission’s DG EMPL and recently started a PhD in International Law. She wonders what the world will look like in the future daily, and embraces this technological whirlwind with openness and curiosity. Elia is particularly interested in the potential impact of automation on the right to work. In her free time, she takes pictures and does covers of her favourite songs.

Valentina Vukmirović

Valentina is a Research Associate at the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia. She has been involved in research projects funded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, focusing on youth employment issues and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market and social inequalities in Serbia. She is presently engaged in the European Social Fund Plus project DI-MARC, which focuses on enhancing digital skills and empowering individuals with disabilities for remote work using online labor platforms. Additionally, she serves as a member of the Management Committee for the COST Action Platform Work Inclusion Living Lab (P-WILL). Her research interests span platform work, hybrid work models, the youth labor market, intellectual capital, and the socioeconomic factors that influence the competitiveness of the Serbian economy.