Gabor Kismihok

University of Amsterdam


As the head of the Learning and Skills Analytics Research Group at TIB Hannover, I concentrate my research efforts on matching processes between education, labour market, and individuals. Previously, as one of the founders of the Center of Job Knowledge Research at the University of Amsterdam, I supervised 5 PhD students in the fields of HRM – data science and learning analytics. I published my research in various peer-reviewed international journals and book chapters in the fields of knowledge management and education (e.g.: Organisational Research Methods, Journal of Learning Analytics, British Educational Research Journal, European Journal of Education, International Journal of Knowledge and Learning, International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning). In the past years I have been busy with various EU funded research projects (FP7, FP7 Marie Curie ITN, Lifelong Learning Programme) in the domains of knowledge management and learning. These projects have been dealing with learning analytics, employability, context aware educational systems, educational content development, knowledge assessment technologies, semantic technology in education – including educational ontology engineering, business process modelling and ERP systems. Besides scientific research, I managed large scale innovation networks (e.g. with a budget of 3,7M EUR (working staff of 25-30 people) and smaller scale innovation projects (e.g. with a budget of 500K EUR (working staff of 10-15 people). I have also been busy with writing successful research project proposals (FP7, FP7 MC ITN, EU LLP, TAMOP). I’m a member of expert panels reviewing proposals for EU funding. Specialties: learning analytics, education – labour market matching, eLearning, adaptive assessment; personalised learning; learning management systems; mobile learning; knowledge management, scientific project management