Jeremias Adams-Prassl

Professor of Law,
University of Oxford
Keynote Speaker


Professor Jeremias Prassl is a Fellow of Magdalen College and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford. He read law at the Universities of Oxford, Paris (MA, DPhil) and Harvard (LL.M.).
Jeremias is primarily interested in Employment Law and European Union Law. He is the author of The Concept of the Employer¬†(OUP 2015; Paperback 2016), a co-editor of The Autonomy of Labour Law¬†(Hart 2015), and one of the editors of The Contract of Employment¬†(OUP 2016). He is also an editor of Chitty on Contracts¬†(32nd ed, Sweet & Maxwell 2015). His work in European law includes co-editing the EU Law in the Member States Series¬†(Hart | Bloomsbury Publishing), exploring the reception and implementation of EU-level norms across different Member States. Through this work, he is a co-editor of several volumes of essays, including Viking, Laval, and Beyond¬†(with Mark Freedland FBA QC, 2014) and Air Passenger Rights, Ten Years On¬†(with Advocate General Michal Bobek). In 2015, Jeremias was awarded a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award to further his work in European Employment Law. In the spring of 2016 and 2017, he was an Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School to complete work on his new book on work in the ‚Äėgig‚Äô economy,¬†Humans as a Service, which will be published by OUP later this year.
–> Jeremias Adams-Prassl is a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, Deputy Director of the Institute of European and Comparative Law, and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law. He is the author of Humans as a Service¬†(OUP 2018) and¬†The Concept of the Employer¬†(OUP 2015), over 100 articles, chapters, and commentaries, as well as an editor of¬†Chitty on Contracts¬†(33rd ed, Sweet & Maxwell 2018) and the¬†EU Law in the Member States¬†series (Hart). Jeremias read law at Oxford, Paris, and Harvard; his work has been recognised by prizes for teaching, research, and public impact, including the Wedderburn, Mancini, and Apgar Prizes, an Oxford University Teaching Award, a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award, an O2RB Excellence in Impact Award, and an ESRC Outstanding Impact in Public Policy Prize. In 2019, Jeremias received the St Petersburg International Legal Forum Prize from Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He is particularly interested in the role of fundamental rights in shaping the ¬†future of work, technology, and innovation, and tweets @JeremiasPrassl.