Laura Esnaola

Managing director, Europe
Keynote speaker


Laura Esnaola originally joined in 2012 and has been Managing Director of Europe GmbH since April 2016. is the world’s largest online destination for finding and managing family care, with 16.9 million families and 12.7 million caregivers across more than 20 countries. In her role as Managing Director, Laura is responsible for 100 employees and 20 care platforms across three continents. Laura also founded the ´Care With Care´ program, a cross-border recruiting and training platform that connects unemployed nurses with health care employers in Germany. Over the past year, Laura launched a CSR program called “Care Forward” that helps refugee women enter the German labor market through care jobs and designed an awareness campaign to break down families´ biases towards hiring refugees into their homes. A native Spaniard, Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in economics and a Master’s degree in music from Yale University and earned her MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012. In addition to leading Europe, she plays regular concerts at the Berlin Philharmonie with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra