Platform Experience

Location: Play Room

Next to the sessions filled with interactive discussions, cutting-edge research presentations, and insights from business leaders, Reshaping Work opens a space for you to take step back and get a glimpse of the platform economy from a new perspective. We want to deliver a more impactful interaction with workers, therefore this year we offer a space for creativity and experience.

Thanks to New York-based artist and founder of ‘’AMAZING INDUSTRIES’’, Brett Wallace, we offer you a window into the experiences of platform workers. The future of work is changing on several dimensions. What is it to work in the platform economy? How does this change the workspaces? What are the new ups and downs? How are data-driven algorithms monitoring workers?

Through videos, surveys and interviews with workers, AMAZING INDUSTRIES explores the relationships, technologies and complexities that characterize labour platforms. You will also have a chance to do a “gig” task yourself. Be sure to visit this area in the Play Room during the breakouts!