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wns, jpv, f, 0, 2x, kpq, 5, b, m, u1l, 68s, f9, m9q, gb, Press Publications – Reshaping Work


Jovana Karanovic: "We will have more freelance workers in the coming years"



Wrap up: Reshaping Work 2019. How platforms will influence the organization of work in the future.



Mercado laboral Mary Gray: “La economía actual depende de los ‘trabajadores fantasma’”



Smarter together in the Age of AI



Reshaping Work Barcelona 2019: Futuro(s), trabajo(s) y un nuevo contrato social



Uber’s founders have cashed in. How about the drivers?



Forbes: The Platform Economy Reshapes Work And Life From Holland To China In A Big Way



KPMG's 5 key take aways from the Reshaping Work conference 2018 on the platform economy



The rise of the platform economy



VPRO Tegenlicht



Deze invloed hebben online platformen op de toekomst van werk



Reshaping Work: 5 insights into the gig economy‘s most urgent issues



Author at TNW - Jovana Karanovic



Conference Report: Report of the 1st Conference on ‘Reshaping Work in the Platform Economy’



The office of Alina Lupu



Download the Reshaping Work press releases here:

If you’d like to attend the Reshaping Work conference as a member of the press, please contact us to request a free pass.