“Questions from Gig Workers” Session

At “future of work” conferences there is usually a lot of talk about gig workers. Opportunities to talk with gig workers are much less common, however, even though they are arguably the most important stakeholder group out there. After all, it is their future that is at stake here. To include gig workers in a debate that is essentially about their lives and livelihoods, this session is structured around the questions and comments they bring to the table. What are their perspectives, priorities and uncertainties? What changes would they like to see with respect to how their work is organized and valued – if any? And is there even a unified “they” to begin with?


Laurin Sepoetro,  Senior Associate, EU Public Policy at Uber

Michelle van Os, Managing director Helpling Nederland

Josien van Breda, Independent Labor Market Consultant 


 Alina Lupu, Conceptual artist


UberEATS, Helpling, Foodora, Upwork, Uber and more.