Regional Reshaping Work

Regional Reshaping Work events are independently organized to foster discussions around the future of work applying a model that gives everyone a voice



22 & 23 May 2024

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26 & 27 September 2019

Novi Sad

27 & 28 February 2020


20 & 21 February 2020

What makes it

Impact Focused on a regional level

Regional Reshaping Work events are multi-stakeholder boutique events run by local leaders.

Inspiring perspectives

Our attendees and speakers are spread across many disciplines; you get the chance to hear a new wave of fresh perspectives from diverse and inspiring points of view.

Beyond the stage

Smaller groups gather beyond the main stage to go deeper into the most relevant themes in breakout discussions & spaces for nibbles, drinks and chats with other participants.

Take an Active Part

Organize a Regional Reshaping Work Event

By organizing a Regional Reshaping Work event in your city you will be joining our network of creative leaders on a mission to transform and steer the way technologies impact the way we work.

Are you a forward-looking and creative organization who strongly believes in the power of events, to inspire and transform the world of work & innovation? Then we’d love to connect! Contact us by sending an email to

Our Concept

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Mary L. Gray, Microsoft Research – Barcelona
Multistakeholder Panel Discussions

Multistakeholder Panel Discussions

Panel: “Nordic Platform Work Data” – Stockholm
Meet the Platform Worker Sessions

Meet the Platform Worker Sessions

Founders of platforms meet the workers, Care sector – Barcelona
Latest Research Insights

Latest Research Insights

Session: Who are the platform workers in East and Southeast Europe – Novi Sad
”Think-like” Roundtables

”Think-like” Roundtables

Roundtable Session – Stockholm
Scientific Committee and Organizing Team

Scientific Committee and Organizing Team

Members of the Committee – Novi Sad