Birgit Leick

Østfold University College


Birgit Leick is a business economist and economic geographer. Birgit received a Ph.D. in business economics from University of Technology Freiberg in Germany in 2006 and a habilitation degree in economic geography from the University of Bayreuth in 2018. She is also professor for innovation and regional development in Norway. Currently, Birgit works as Associate Professor in Business Economics in the Faculty of Business, Language and Social Sciences at Østfold University College in Norway. Her main research interest lies on the nexus of enterprise and regional development. Topics she is currently working on are: local sharing-economy entrepreneurs and regional economic development;  institutional entrepreneurship; and rural entrepreneurs in creative industries. With colleagues from France, India and Morocco, Birgit will be organising a large track session on the sharing economy and entrepreneurship for EURAM Annual Conference 2020 in Dublin, Ireland.