Emiliana Armano

University of Milan
DIVISION: Sociology


Emiliana Armano holds a PhD in Economic Sociology from the Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan. As Independent researcher collaborates in study into digital capitalism, knowledge work, flexibility and precariousness, with a social inquiry and co-research methodological approach. Her research focuses on the intertwining of work processes and production of subjectivity in the context of platform economy. In her previous research she was involved in various relevant research project on the issue of precariousness and the production of subjectivity of knowledge workers. Recently on this issue she was co-organizer of sessions at the International Sociological Conference ISA. Her research were summarized in various pubblications; recently she published: with Annalisa Murgia Le reti del lavoro gratuito. Spazi urbani e nuove soggettività (Ombre corte, 2016), with Annalisa Murgia and Maurizio Teli, Platform Capitalism e confini del lavoro negli spazi digitali (Mimesis, 2017), with Arianna Bove and Annalisa Murgia, Mapping Precariousness, Labour Insecurity and Uncertain Livelihoods: Subjectivities and Resistance (Routledge, 2017), with Marco Briziarelli Spectacle 2.0. Reading Debord in the Context of Digital Capitalism (Westminter University Press, 2017). She collaborates as reviewer with the editorial boards of the numerous international sociological journals, as for instance lo Squaderno, Exploration in Space and Society, Ethnography & Qualitative Research, and Work Organization Labour and Globalisation. More about Emiliana Armano