Gabriela Yordanova

Senior Research Associate, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IPS-BAS)


Gabriela Yordanova is a senior research associate at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IPS-BAS). She has a PhD in Sociology. She has rich experience of
survey and evaluation work for different ministries, municipalities, and companies. Her research
interests are: industrial relations, time management, teleworking (virtual and distant work), platform
economy, work-life balance.

She is a team member of the project BEYOND 4.0 ( and
also of the project DIRESOC: Digitalisation and Restructuring: which social Dialogue?
( Gabriela is also a country team operator of the international project
SHARE – Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (http://www.share- She is also a coordinator of the activities at ISSK-BAS of the SHARE-ERIC
Bulgaria project, funded by Ministry of Education and Science – Bulgaria within the National
Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (2018-2023).

She lectures at Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski. Gabriela was involved as a Bulgarian
expert on project financed by Leeds University Business School on topic “Social protection
for workers in the collaborative economy – Bulgaria”.