Shellie Karabell

Panel chair


 Shellie Karabell has spent more than 40 years in international broadcast journalism, including executive news and management positions in her native USA, Europe, the USSR/Russia, and the Middle East for ABC/WTN, Dow Jones Broadcast, and CNBC. In these capacities, she was responsible for news coverage, reporting, management of bureau personnel, and budgets of several million dollars.

A long-time resident of Europe, she has covered most of the significant news events in recent history, including the release of the American hostages from Iran in 1981; the Pan Am 103 crash in Lockerbie, Scotland,1988; the civil war in Lebanon in 1983; the civil war in Yugoslavia in 1991-92, and the collapse of the Berlin Wall.  She has specialized in business news reporting since 1982. Most recently. she has contributed to, Strategy+Business, Galerie Magazine and the Christian Science Monitor.