Reshaping Work Fellowship

Reshaping Work invites recent graduates, Ph.D. students, and young professionals to be part of an exhilarating journey that shapes the future of work.

We are at the forefront of fostering innovative multistakeholder dialogues, orchestrating high-impact events, and producing practical and policy-oriented reports. Our mission is to inspire and cultivate a responsible and progressive future of work.

Reshaping Work Fellowships are designed for recent graduates, early-career researchers, and young professionals, whose interests are related to following areas

  • Platform Strategy and Governance
  • Impact of AI on Work
  • AI Ethics
  • Platform and AI Regulations
  • AI, Compliance, and Skills
  • Talent Management, Upskilling, and Reskilling 
  • Green Economy

Fellows will contribute to the following areas that advance Reshaping Work mission:

Research and Analysis

Utilise your academic skills to conduct research on future work trends, labour market dynamics, digital platforms, and impact of AI on the way we work. Your findings will provide crucial insights for our ongoing discussions.

Policy Development

Apply your knowledge to help craft innovative policy recommendations. Your work will address the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformations in the labour market, including advancements in AI.

Shaping the Discussions

Contribute to exclusive roundtable discussions that foster knowledge sharing, idea exchange, and network expansion with industry experts, researchers, advocacy groups, labour union representatives, and other relevant stakeholders.

Communication and Outreach

Use your communication prowess to spread awareness about our initiatives. Engage with the public and media through social media management, blog writing, and other outreach activities.

What We Offer

  • A platform to influence the future of work.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development by having exclusive access to our roundtable discussions, expert lectures, and workshops.
  • Collaboration with a diverse and dynamic team.
  • A chance to make a real impact in shaping future of work policies and practices.

During the intake interview, we will discuss which contributions you can make during your fellowship based on your interests and personal growth plan. Contributions range from blog writing and conducting interviews with experts and business leaders to social media engagement and preparation of guides. Your contributions will be recognized in terms of authorship and feature on our website. Time commitment is estimated at 16-20 hours per month. 

The Reshaping Work Fellowships begin on March 1. The initial appointment is one year and can be renewed for a second year. Fellows receive a ticket to attend the global Reshaping Work conference on 23 & 24 October, 2024 in Amsterdam, co-authorship recognition in reports/guides they have contributed to, and access to our other events and networking opportunities.  

How to apply?

To apply submit the following:

  • A CV
  • At least one writing sample in English
  • Cover letter containing answers to the following questions (we want to hear about your ideas and vision! So be honest, creative, and concise):
  1. What is your motivation to apply for the Reshaping Work Fellowship and how does it align with your career goals and interests?
  2. How do you envision using your academic skills to contribute to research on future work trends, labour market dynamics, digital platforms, and the impact of AI on the way we work? Can you provide examples of previous research or analytical work you have undertaken?
  3. In what ways do you believe your knowledge can be applied to craft innovative policy recommendations addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformations in the labour market, including advancements in AI? Share any relevant policy-related experiences you may have.
  4. The Fellowship involves contributing to exclusive roundtable discussions with industry experts, trade unions, researchers, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders. How would you approach such discussions, and what unique perspectives or insights do you bring to the table?
  5. The Fellowship also includes communication and outreach activities. How would you use your communication skills to spread awareness about Reshaping Work initiatives, including social media management and blog writing? 

Applications for the Reshaping Work Fellowships will be accepted and reviewed on the rolling basis. The deadline for applications is February 15, 2024, to be sent to

Any questions as well as application documents should be submitted via email to Jelena Sapic, a project manager of Reshaping Work Dialogue, at

About Reshaping Work

Reshaping Work is a foundation that facilitates innovative international series of events and projects, pioneering the multistakeholder approach to discussing the latest trends concerning the future of work and digital innovations more broadly by promoting research and collective thinking. We believe that being exposed to different perspectives can change your world view, deepen your compassion for others and be rewarding for your members. Don’t take the world for granted – shape it for better.