Jelena Šapić

Project Manager
Reshaping Work Dialogue


About Jelena

Jelena Šapić works as a project manager of the Reshaping Work Dialogue project. The project represents a collaborative effort with an aim to create a permanent knowledge interlocutor where parties with the stake in the debate on the future of work can engage in a constructive dialogue, exchange views, negotiate positions, and propose new solutions. Jelena’s interests include exploring disruptions stemming from digital technologies, such as platform economy and data governance. As a researcher at a Belgrade-based think tank, she was a part of the team that carried out the first exploratory research on the socio-economic position of platform workers from Serbia and an inquiry into emerging digital inequalities in the world of work. She created Fusing Futures, an audio podcast that makes a leapfrog to the digital economy and society. The podcast got awarded as one of the three most innovative media content in the Western Balkans in 2019. Jelena holds a Master of Arts in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University (Budapest, Hungary).