Linda Li

Linda Li

Project Lead Ethics & AI, Dutch Police
Roundtable Leader


Linda Li is the project lead in AI ethics for the Dutch Police. Ever since she was a young girl, she wanted to join the police. After finishing her master’s degree in Criminal Law and practicing law as a paralegal she decided to join the police and worked as an investigation specialist. After working on several major criminal cases and specializing in (special) victims’ behavior she switched to internal affairs as an integrity officer. There she combined the policework with ethics and the key values of the Dutch Police in preventing integrity violations. At this moment she’s doing research at the Dutch Police and trustworthy AI.

According to the law, the Dutch Police has 2 tasks to fulfill. 1. ensuring the maintenance of the rule of law and 2. providing assistance to those in need of help. To fulfill these tasks, the Dutch police need societal trust. Trustworthiness is the key value when it comes to AI. Trustworthiness is also one of the key values of the Dutch Police. The Dutch Police is already working with this technology in solving cold cases and interacting with citizens and developing new ways of use of AI by collaborating with several universities in the Police Lab AI. The Dutch Police is fully aware of the responsibilities and challenges the use of AI can pose to human rights and principles and is working on implementing an ethical framework for AI.

Many questions need to be answered. Like: which ethical frames and values are needed and which ones are mandatory? How to keep the balance between doing things right and doing the right thing?