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1l, 00j, m, vaa, c, 9d, y62, r, fn, d6b, sqf, 74, r, Think Like Roundtables 2018 – Reshaping Work

"Think like" Roundtables

The platform economy has many different stakeholder groups, each with its own dynamic set of interests, goals, perspectives, and approaches to platform-mediated work. So what does it mean, concretely, to think like these stakeholder groups?

To learn more about how they position themselves within the platform economy – to see this space of opportunities and challenges through their eyes and to hear what matters most to them – you are invited to participate in a series of ”Think Like” roundtables led by representatives of the following stakeholder groups:


Wiggert de Haan – CIO & Founder, Roamler | Parool Theater
Extending the regulatory boundaries to make the platform economy work


Jochem Pasman – Senior Manager, KPMG | Parool Theater
Dis- and re-intermediated: what role is left for incumbents in the platform economy?

Staffing Agencies

Paul Eggink – CEO & Co-founder, Temper | Parool Theater

Labor Organizers

Fredrik Söderqvist – Economist, Unionen | Parool Theater
Are the current union relation strategies fit for the platform economy?

Amrit Sewgobind – Union Organizer, FNV & Pim Paulusma – Policy Advisor, FNV | Classroom 1

Platform Workers

Yorick Bleijenberg & Adam Badger – Platform Workers | Play Room
Beyond the app – clean interface and messy reality

Policy Makers

Koen van Schie – Labor Market Economist, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment | Classroom 1
Should we be concerned about the vulnerability of gig workers and if so, what steps should we take?

Miia Rossi-Gray – Policy Officer Collaborative Economy, European Commission | Classroom 3
Platform work – what do we expect from the policymakers?