Virtual Panel Discussion

Back to What Truly Matters for the Future of Work

Tuesday, 31st January 2023. from 11am to 12.30 CET.

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  • Welcome by Jovana Karanovic, managing director of the Reshaping Work Foundation;
  • Leila Chaibi, MEP, Vice-Chair, Committee on Employment and Social Affairs
  • Ana Carla Pereira, Cabinet Expert and Employment & Social Policy Advisor to Commissioner Nicolas Schmit
  • Klaus Heeger, General Secretary, The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions – CESI
  • Uma Rani, Senior Economist, ILO
  • Samuel Laurinkari, Head of Global Public Policy, Legal, Wolt
  • Moderated by Théo Bourgery-Gonse, journalist at Euractiv.


This panel discussion will follow a period of intense interest and negotiations on the Directive on improving working conditions in platform work and will coincide with the release of our Annual Report of the Reshaping Work Dialogue Initiative.

Reshaping Work Dialogue is a Europe-wide initiative that brings companies, trade unions, start-ups, scale-ups, research institutes, and advocacy groups together to explore and share ideas, solutions, and policy responses aimed at advancing welfare and well-being of workers and socially-responsible practices of companies..This year’s Dialogue illuminated key challenges and policy recommendations in three specific areas: i) platform work directive ii) AI at the workplace and iii) youth employment and workplace well-being.

We will discuss how to reorient ongoing debates and solutions:

  • Back from establishing employment status to establishing standards of work, regardless of the employment relationship;
  • From agreeing on the Directive to making it happen at member state level; the challenges of implementation and enforcement;
  • Back from AI causing issues and challenges to AI powering solutions;
  • Getting more youth back into training, education and employment; Beyond platforms, let’s go back to ensuring wellbeing at work for all workers.
  • Back to solutions that work where it really matters – at the (evolving) workplace.


Dialogue participants, media, policy makers, partners, other stakeholders