Herbert Beck

Executive Board member, Public Services International


Mr Herbert Beck was Vice-Chair, Executive and legislative Board of Ver.di – a trade union based in Berlin, Germany – where he has been involved in negotiating working conditions and wages for all Health Care Workers (migrant workers included). He was and still is involved and engaged in a number of migration programmes at local, national and European level. At European level, he is also representing Verdi in the Social Dialogue Committee in the hospital sector. Mr Beck is a member of the Public Services International Executive Board bringing his expertise in healthcare, decent work, union rights and occupational health and safety. He was the Head of an intensive care unit for many years at Heidelberg University Hospital and was also chair of it’s staff council. Mr Beck has been working on occupational health and safety for many years, including supervising regulations. He is also a member of the Committee for Biological Agents of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Germany. Mr Beck has completed his education in pediatric nursing as a State registered pediatric nurse with an additional qualification in pediatric anesthesia and intensive care. He has undergone further training in human resources development. Since 2013 he is a member of the Joint Monitoring Committee set up for the Bilateral Intergovernmental Labour Agreement between the Philippines and Germany concerning the Placement of Filipino Health Professionals. Mr Beck is also involved in other Triple Win Projects.